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PERFORMING ARTS GROUP IN BETWEEN                                                           

Performing Arts Group In Between was formed in March 2002 by theatre director Marina Mergou and sonic artist George Kartalos. Main aim of the group is to experiment with form creating a theatrical performance technique that combines ritual, music and technology as well as to explore the boundaries of different art forms through collaborations with groups and individual artists from all over the world.

Marina Mergou

Theatre director/researcher Marina Mergou is a theatre studies graduate from the University of North London with an MA in Performance from Queen Mary’s and Westfield College, University of London and an MFA in Theatre Directing from Middlesex University with scholarship from the British University. She has successfully completed her PhD thesis at Panteion University, Department of Political Science and History, Athens. She has completed the ancient Greek drama course: ‘The Tragic Hero. Evolution & Variation’ by Dr. G. Yiatromanolakis as well as the short course on ‘The Performing Arts’ coordinated by Dr. P. Mavromoustakos at the Open University of Stoa Tou Vivliou. She has also participated in the workshop cycleDirecting Ancient Greek Drama’ by D. Lignadis at the Research & Practical Applications Centre of the Ancient Greek Drama – “DESMI”. She has been trained at the traditional theatres of Thailand ‘Khon’, ‘Lakhon Lek’ and ‘Nang Yai’ at Patravadi Theatre in Bangkok and the traditional Indian dance drama ‘Kathakali’ at the Grotowski Institute with Karunakaran. She has also participated at the intensive course ‘Meyerhold and Biomecanics’ at the Russian Academy of Arts GITIS in Moscow and at the physical theatre course of the Desmond Jones School of Physical Theatre and Mime in London.

She has worked as a director, assistant director and dramaturge in Greece and abroad and has participated with her work in international festivals. She has taught at the department of Theatre Studies of the University of Peloponnese and at the department of Music Studies of the University of Macedonia. Marina Mergou has also been the appointed theatre director and drama teacher of the Municipal Theatre of Penteli for two years. From 2012 until 2016 she worked as assistant director at the Greek National Opera. She is currently teaching the module ‘Traditional Theatres of The East’ at the department of theatre studies of the University of Athens. Marina Mergou is also a founding member and the artistic Director of InBetween Performing Arts group.

George Kartalos

     George Kartalos is a Sonic Arts graduate from Middlesex University, London and Sound Engineer graduate from Stavrakou School. He is composing music as well as designing the sound for theatre and dance performances. He is also programming interactive projections and installations with MAX/MSP/JITTER. He is a founding member and the artistic director of InBetween Performing Arts group. His latest works include:

Music and Sonic Arts for the performances: ‘Nine Days of Celebration’, adaptation of Margarita Lymberaki’s «Women and Men –Lemnian Actions», TAF, Athens,  ‘Silhouette and Its Double’ Mergou Marina & Hsin-I Lin,  In Between Productions & Out Το Productions, Taipei’s Fringe Festival 2008, Huashan Art Centre, Taipei,  ‘Ara Dream Creations’, Mergou Marina, In Between Productions, Etcetera Theatre, London, ‘What Did You Say’ Orphanidou Xenia, Etcetera Theatre, London. ‘Nose Nose Nose Mouth’ Hsin-I Lin, Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh Festival.

Interactive installation: For the Dissonance Festival, Block 33, Thessaloniki. For the Design Walk 2010, the design shop. For Thessaloniki’s Film Festival 2009 – ‘Project Odysseies’ (Α4Μ), For the Video Art Festival 2010-Projects ‘Candlelight’ and ‘Floor tom’.

Contact  us

Performing  Arts Company In Between                                                                                                 15th Laskareos str. 114 71, Athens, Greece                                                                                            Tel. +30 210 64 55 411 Mob. 6944 719 930

E mail: inbetweenproductions@yahoo.co.uk

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