Ara Dream Creations, Mergou Marina, In Between Productions, Etcetera Theatre, London, May 2004

 Ara Dream Creations’ was presented at Etcetera Theatre, London in May 2004. It is an experimental piece exploring the notion of madness in contemporary society. The fast rhythms of everyday life, the excessive acts of consumerism and the genetically modified food in combination with the cruelty of war and terrorism are symptoms of a reality that is becoming very sickly. Reality and dream creation overlap showing how thin is the line separating madness from what Ara is daily presented and asked to accept as the ‘norm’. Are there just dream creations deriving from Ara’s imagination or has the world really turned upside down?                            


Direction/Adaptation: Marina Mergou

Music- Sonic Arts: George Kartalos                                                                             

Lights: Hsin Lin                                                                                                            

Production: In Between                                                                                                 

Public Relations: Nantia Mintilogliti

Performed by:                                                                                                                       

Melanie Beadel                                                                                                                   

Lisa Cairns                                                                                                                  

Katherine Pageon                                                                                                                

  Juli Talerico

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