The Children’s opera ‘Princess Diskoloula’ by Eugenios Trivizas was presented         in the Community Theatre Of Heracleion in Athens in September 2005.

 A spoiled beautiful little princess has a big defect. She has a great difficulty in deciding what she wants. So when the time comes for her to marry, her father convinces her to attend to a party he will have organised for her in order to choose her future husband.  A hundred princes are invited to the palace, present themselves in front of our spoiled princess and all leave disappointed, all exept one,  a brave tall young prince with curly hair and a golden crown who has a surprising way of stealing her heart.


 Music & Libretto : Young students’ musical  and theatrical expression group of the Conservatory K. Rizopoulou                                                                                        Choir teacher: Teti Aivatzidou Rizopoulou                                                    Orchestration: Stelios Maganas                                                                                         Directed by: Marina Mergou                                                                                    Conducted by: Stelios Maganas                                                                                 Production manager: Teti Aivatzidou Rizopoulou                                                        Puppet construction: Daniel Kartalou, Teti Aivatzidou Rizopoulou &                                                          Kleoniki Rizopoulou                                                                            Set design: Nasos Kardassis                                                                                Costumes: Teti Aivatzidou Rizopoulou   & Marina Mergou                                     Lights & sound operator: George Kartalos                                                                 Produced by : K. Rizopoulou Conservatory

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