Based on Margarita Limberaki’s ‘Women and Men, Lemnian Actions

 Nine Days of Celebration, adaptation of Margarita Lymberaki’s «Women and Men, Lemnian Actions», In Between, TAF (The Art Foundation), Athens, June 2010

‘Nine Days of Celebration’ is a ritualistic performance based on Margarita Limberaki’s ‘Women and Men, Lemnian Actions’ directed by Marina Mergou. The play was presented in June 2010 in TAF (The Art Foundation), Athens.

The Myth: Goddess Aphrodite punishes the women of Lemnos with fetor when they neglect her worship. As a result men avoid them and bring back women of the North. Lemnian women then decide to kill all the men of the island.

The Performance: The Woman begins a journey to another world, an initiation. She contemplates the past and the memory of the murder awakens. The murder of the Man, murder of the Self and the ceremony the only purification. Personal memory and collective consciousness are bound together and the past is transformed into an eternal present in a show where ritual meets video art, live music and soundscapes.


Direction-Adaptation: Marina Mergou

Music- Sonic Arts: George Kartalos

Video Art-Lighting Design: Maria Athanasopoulou

Scenography-Costumes: Christina Costea

Choreography: Kiki Mpaka

Installation: BestBefore

Production Manager: Adamantia Fytili

Production: In Between

Performed by: Politimi Tzortzi

Singer: Lamia Bedioui

Video Art Performers: Alexandra Alevizou, Evangelia Varsami, Ioanna Vovou, Korina Theodoratou, Helen Konti, Christina Costea, Maro Melissari, Vasia Boura, Nina Natsolari, Athina Siouti, Marta Pancorbo, Αdamantia Fytili.

Margarita Limberakis’ play Women and Men, Lemnian Actions is published by Livanis Publishing  Organization.

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