Silhouette and Its Double Mergou Marina & Hsin-I Lin,   In Between Productions & Out Το Productions, Taipei’s Fringe Festival 2008, Huashan Art Centre, Taipei, Award: Best Use of Space.  September 2008.

Silhouette and Its Double’ is a ritualistic performance that was presented in September 2008 at Huashan Arts Centre as part of Taipei’s Fringe Festival 2008 and won the award for Best Use of Space. It is a promenade performance where the audience begins a labyrinthine journey to meet six heroines from ancient Greek drama and their double. Antigone, Electra, Clytemnestra, Medea, Helen of Troy and Lysistrata become silhouettes reflected in six contemporary Taiwanese women’s life stories.  Each room becomes a different rite of passage. Physical theatre, sonic arts and live performance are combined in order to create a multicultural show full of personal and collective memories.



Direction: Marina Mergou & Hsin-I Lin

Music- Sonic Arts: George Kartalos

Set Designer: Doris Lin

Costume Designer: Shu Yuan Jan

Productions: Out To productions in collaboration with In Between

Photographer: Yo Wei Chen

Antigone: Marina Mergou                                                                                                          

Electra: Hsin-I Lin

Clyntemnistra: Wei Fan Yang

Medea: Yun Lee

Helen of Troy: Shine Line Chen

Lysistrata: Marina Mergou


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